This is my website which will contain my general thoughts, utterings, maybe my opinions, possibly some tech stuff I find interesting, some of the recipes I cook and want to remember the ingredients of and a bit of artwork I draw for fun and I in no way claim to be a good artist in any way.

It may also include pictures of my dog at some point.

Some things about me. I :

am an IT Professional.

  • I run my own IT Business that provides IT consulting, assistance and procurement services to local businesses (Devon, South West UK).

am an Open Source advocate/evangelist.

  • I try to use Open Source products in my personal and working life as often as possible.

am data privacy conscious.

  • I believe we shouldn’t pay for products or services with our personal data and “marketability”
  • I don’t use the mainstream social media services. You shouldn’t either.

use Arch Linux btw…

Some information about this site. It :