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About Me

This is my website which will contain my general thoughts, utterings, maybe my opinions, possibly some tech stuff I find interesting, some of the recipes I cook and want to remember the ingredients of and a bit of artwork I draw for fun and I in no way claim to be a good artist in any way.

It may also include pictures of my dog at some point.

Some things about me. I :

am an IT Professional.

am an Open Source advocate/evangelist.

am data privacy conscious.

use Arch Linux btw…

Some information about this site. It :

was created using Zola and my own Gemini.css stylesheet.

is built with efficiency in mind; It’s small and light and quick to view.

uses no JavaScript (except a little bit for Plausible Analytics, forgive me).

is hosted on Codeberg Pages

was written using the Neovim text editor on a PC Specialist laptop running Arch Linux

also has a gemini capsule at gemini://

Published : Mon, 29 March 2021 at 10:19am +0100
Last Modified : Wed, 22 February 2023 at 14:45pm +0100