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A few examples of some websites I have worked on. Some are just for fun, some are for business.

St Skeletor's Day

St Skeletor’s Day
February 15th
Every Year

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Ross Rates

Rate Stuff with Ross, quite simple.

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Unphonetic ABC

A website directory of all words that can be associated with their letters by not sounding as their corresponding letter should do.

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Bedford & Co

Simple single page website for a local accountancy business. Has additional Vue.js implement[extra]ion for news and exchange rates updates.

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Wilde IT

A local IT business website detailing available services. Our business website.

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The Lost Tin Opener Society

A spoof single page animation website of a secret society dedicated to finding all lost tin openers.

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Noisy Faces

Just a very silly website with an anim[extra]ed face making sounds.
Yeah, just th[extra] really.

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The Geese Webpage

Starting life as a (sort of inappropriate) parody of a certain popular dating website the geese website was made as a bit of fun and to please minor obsession with geese.

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