I refuse to use the word that comes from a compounded “web log”, but here’s some stuff I did or wrote or generally something I have pondered

Wholesome Errors


Your Friendly Error Code Index
Inspirational instructions for dealing with unhelpful error codes

ERROR -41: Failure!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something to tell you what to do about this error?!
Wouldn’t it be great if it said

ERROR -41: Sit by a lake



‘/nɛmɪnaɪ/’ Nem-in-eye

A simple Gemini server

Nemini is a simple Gemini server with static file serving, virtual host and alias support. “Simple” in the way it is, hopefully, simple to configure and use with minimal knowledge of web servers in general. You probably need to be familiar with TOML configuration files, but other than that the server should run fairly easily.

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AI Search

A poem about AI search engines

This is a story all about how
Your query got twist-turned upside down
And I’d like to show an answer just sit right there
It might not be fully accurate but I don’t care

Why I have turned off my BirdsiteLIVE instance

Hello. How are you? I am fine.

You may know me from a few places, but likely on the Fediverse as the person that maintains a BirdsiteLIVE instance with the url birdsite.wilde.cloud.

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SQL Haiku

A Haiku in SQL

tableHaikus WHERE LEFT(name,
3) LIKE 'SQL';