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A selection of information output tools for dmenu

These are a selection of independant tools for displaying various information about system status in dmenu. Some of them i.e. volume have options (up, down, mute…) which are selectable options in dmenu.


The next two do not work with rofi unless you have alias dmenu=rofi set, but they’re pretty nice tools

Example in dmenu:


Example of command_wrapper with clipmenu


How to compile

There are some configuration variables explicit to me, you’ll need to change them for you for them to be useful I imagine.
Configuration variables are compile - there are no config files or runtime parameters (except for “rofi”)

Each tool is compiled separately, for example:

nim c pingclock

and then run with

# or
./pingclock rofi

How to use

Personally, I have these bound to key combinations in i3. In fact, I have a seperate bindsym mode in which all these tools are accessible i.e. $mod+i to get to “info” mode then p to show pingclock.
It’s completely up to you how to run them, they’re just simple CLI tools really.

You can also set the volume and brightness levels by typing a numeric figure into the dmenu/rofi input box


Published : Sun, 08 May 2022 at 16:25pm +0100