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‘/nɛmɪnaɪ/’ Nem-in-eye

A simple Gemini server

Nemini is a simple Gemini server with static file serving, virtual host and alias support. “Simple” in the way it is, hopefully, simple to configure and use with minimal knowledge of web servers in general. You probably need to be familiar with TOML configuration files, but other than that the server should run fairly easily.

See this page on Nemini : gemini://

The source code is hosted at Codeberg.


How to run


Passing the --config parameter with a file location will allow the use of a custom config file saved wherever you wish.

Build from source

Install nim and nimble and run the following command:

nimble build

All nim dependencies will be installed.

Source Code
TOML Config file reference

Published : Mon, 20 February 2023 at 12:57pm +0000